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The Accessibility Service is all about access. We are proud to help organisations improve their access to disabled customers and employees. We help organisations take the first steps or continue their accessibility journey to really make a difference and provide access to disabled customers with a potential spending power of £212 Billion. We can offer training, consultancy or audits of your physical and digital environments. Remember one small step can make a huge impact!

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Legal information

As you know, it's a legal requirement for your website to comply with current web accessibility legislation. And, most important of all, it makes it easier for people with disabilities to access the services that you provide.

Return on your investment

If you don't aim for the highest levels of accessibility you could be alienating 20% of the population. It also improves your web presence, scoring higher in Google rankings and attracting more people to your site.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Accessibility should always be an important part of any company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. And what better way to prove that than by accreditation?

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See what Surrey Heath Borough Council say about us

"I just wanted to say how useful I have found the Web Accessibility course. What I have learned over the two days will make a profound difference to the level of service and support I'm able to provide my customers. As a web developer, I am only too aware of the necessity to provide accessible websites. There are great benefits in terms of increased business and enhanced reputation for those that take the time and trouble to get it right." Ian Southwell, Managing Director, Tech-Knowledge E-Learning Ltd

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We have worked with BSkyB

“We recently used Shaw Trust to transcribe the video content on our website; We were very pleased with the results and the advice they gave to ensure we achieved the highest levels of accessibility.” Jo Bond - BSkyB

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Worcestershire County Council said ...

“Getting to watch the team use our website was a fantastic experience. It brought to light problems we had never considered before and really reinforced why accessibility is so important. Applying what we have learnt will help improve the user experience for all visitors to our site.” Will Saunders - Worcestershire County Council

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About Shaw Trust Web accessibility services

For over 30 years we have been helping people with disabilities into the workplace.

We are specialist in providing web accessibility accreditation, building access auditing, user testing, web design services, consultancy as well as disability awareness training.

It is a huge advantage for us to employ disabled people within our in-house user testing team. This gives our team first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn't, adding a unique perspective to the web accreditation process.

We give you the reassurance you need of knowing everything is done by professionals, providing reliable accreditation that covers all aspects of your site.

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