The team

The team


Graham Rees-Evans, Technical Accounts Manager

Graham is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Accessibility Team. He also delivers training and delivers consultancy both on and off site.

As a highly experienced web auditor, he has used assistive technologies and automated compliance software, to test and audit software and websites for many high profile clients.

Graham Rees-Evans portrait

Malcolm Stephens, Technical Account Officer

Malcolm is one of our two dedicated Technical Account Officers, Malcolm is tetraplegic after a rugby accident and uses Voice activation software. Malcolm co-ordinates the testing, compiles the customer reports and provides consultancy to queries from clients about accessibility.

Malcolm Stephens portrait

Mark Durnell, Technical Account Officer

Mark is colour blind and has particular trouble with red and green. Mark is the main point of contact for clients when completing accessibility assessments, co-ordinating testing and compiling results.

Mark Durnell portrait

Joe Manock, National Sales Manager

Joe's role is to advise and support clients whilst providing Accessibility solutions.

He has worked at Shaw Trust for over 10 years and has experience of many business areas including the Employer Engagement team working with major National Accounts.

Joe has over 20 years of Account Management experience previously working for Virgin Media.

 Joe Manock portrait

Lauren Gill, Business Coordinator

Lauren has recently joined Shaw Trust and brings with her extensive administration skills from her experience as a sales co-ordinator.

It is Lauren’s responsibility to manage finance and support service delivery, to ensure the smooth running of the business.

 Lauren Gill portrait

Accessibility Assessment Team

Kevin James

Kevin has limited movement in both upper and lower limbs. Kevin uses Keyboard Only and also uses voice activated software to help navigate websites.

One of the first things Kevin tests for is the presence of an accessibility statement. This should explain what techniques have been added to a site to help users navigate and use the site more effectively.

As well as testing, Kevin acts as a mentor to new and existing testers.

 Kevin James portrait

Darren Hardman

Darren is deaf and communicates through BSL sign language and lip-reading. As with a lot of deaf people, Darrens first language is BSL and he checks that websites can be understood by the deaf community.

Darren also checks that videos have suitable sub-titles or sign language and companies have alternative contact details.

 Darren Hardman portrait

Adam Armstrong

Adam checks websites to improve the user experience for individuals with learning difficulties and for those with a visual impairment.

Adams tests include checking flickering, blinking and moving images which may cause fits and seizures, and also checks for acronyms, abbreviations and clear language.

Adam Armstrong portrait

Michael Edwards

Mike has a physical disability following an accident which makes it difficult for him to use a mouse. Mike was a civil servant for over 10 years and has a Higher National Diploma in Computing.

Mikes testing role is using adaptive technology software to check websites for voice accessibility. He uses voice commands to navigate the computer and websites.

 Michael Edwards portrait

Alan Sleat

Alan lost his sight in 1999 and uses a screen reader to access the computer. Alan checks websites using JAWS, looking for descriptive alternatives for graphics and clearly labelled form fields.

Alan will also check that tasks or user journeys can be completed by customers for example, adding products to a basket, viewing the basket and most importantly checking out.

Alan Sleat portrait

Nicholas Williams

Nick has upper body limitations resulting from a stroke and rheumatoid arthritis.

Nick does not use a mouse, and relies on a keyboard to navigate websites. He tests for sufficient link highlighting, logical tab order and accessible form fields, all of which can hinder a keyboard user from accessing a website.

 Nicholas Williams portrait

William Treharne

William has volunteered his time to test and offer advice on how to improve websites. William checks all media content to ensure there are captioning or transcriptions available for the deaf or hard of hearing.

In his spare time William plays bowls for his local team and enjoys all things that help our environment.

 William Treharne portrait

Ann Walton

Ann has been a volunteer for the service since it was founded in 2004 and has volunteered her time to help improve websites for readability, especially for those with dyslexia and for colour contrast.

Ann uses a tool to check the correct ratio is used on websites and that all fonts are understandable to those who have dyslexia or a visual impairment.

 Ann Walton portrait
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