Disabled Access Day

Disabled Access Day 09 March 2016

Disabled Access Day

The Accessibility Service is proud to be taking part in this year's Disabled Access Day.

Disabled Access Day is sponsored by Euan's Guide, the listing and review site that helps disabled people and their families find venues that are truly accessible.

Kiki MacDonald, Co-Founder of Euan's Guide, explains: "We were inspired by the idea of Disabled Access Day and the potential for it to increase the numbers of conversations between venues and disabled people, as well as to raise the profile of disabled access. We were delighted by the backing from many venues, organisations and businesses that got involved; in particular their appetite to improve their own accessibility and to get more feedback from disabled people.

The first Disabled Access Day was really a pilot, achieved with very little resource but lots of drive to improve disabled access, to showcase some of the good practice and to try out some new places! Given the limited resources the project had, we were blown away by the Disabled Access Day results, and hope that next time will be much, much bigger."

Find out more about Euan's Guide on the disabled access guide website or at www.euansguide.com.


Free 'Ask the Expert' advice

We are supporting Disabled Access Day with Shaw Trust's Accessibility Service offering 'ask the experts' advice for organisations on Friday 11th March. Organisations are invited to ask questions about how to promote their venue's online  accessibility, disability equality, customer service and how to make reasonable adjustments to improve building access.

Organisations will be able to email or call to discuss issues or barriers they may have to improving their accessibility and can request advice on providing a more inclusive service.


For more information

Learn more about Disabled Access Day www.disabledaccessday.com (link opens new window)

Shaw Trust Accessibility Services webacc.shaw-trust.org.uk (link opens new window)

Email: accessforall@shaw-trust.org.uk

Tel: 0300 123 7005

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