Don’t miss out on sales driven by accessibility this summer

Don’t miss out on sales driven by accessibility this summer 17 June 2016

Are You Summer Ready For Your Online Customers?

Summer is upon us and so is a new season of spending on new homes, decorating, garden furniture, and let's not forget those long awaited travel and holiday plans. So how does your business stand out from the rest and attract customers?


Make the most of your online offering

Our busy lifestyles and the ability to search for the best deals means shopping online is often the easiest option and we have all seen how this has impacted on the high-street.

For those with disabilities and impairments, online shopping can be even more important.  According to DLF (Disability Living Foundation) there are over 6.9 million disabled people of working age, representing 19% of the working population. Some may not have the opportunity to get to the high street, whilst others find  high-street shops  inaccessible, and many disabled people certainly find purchasing online helps to support their independent living.

So imagine the frustration caused by websites that are not designed with accessibility in mind. For example, a blind user will use a screen reader or someone with low vision may want to increase the text size, if they cannot interact with your website they will go elsewhere and spend their money with another company.


So do you need to do anything?

According to the UK Government disabled people have a combined spending power of £200 billion that businesses could be benefiting from, so can your business afford not to make your content available to this audience?

Getting your website assessed in the first instance would give you the a insight into the share of the £200 billion your business might be missing out on and highlight some of the barriers your website may have, preventing customers from making a purchase.

This information can be used to communicate workarounds on your accessibility statement whilst you put a plan together to fix the issues. Some accessibility issues are relatively easy to fix like changing a colour or adding some alternative text to images, or adding captions to your online videos.


Then shout about it!

Even when you are working on the fixes, shout about it. Let people know you're committed to improving the  experience for your customers and when all the fixes are completed let them know the benefits of using your website, after all these improvements will not only benefit disabled users but improve access for everyone!

Shaw Trust are here to help organisations get accessible. We provide assessments, advice and guidance on improvements that can make a big difference to your organisation and your customers.

Email us now or call 0300 123 005 for more information.

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