Disability equality training

Disability equality training

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Want to provide the best customer and employee service possible?

Our disability equality training can help your organisation become more inclusive resulting in higher quality of service and increasing numbers of potential staff and customers.

What is disability equality training?

Disability equality training aims to help people understand disability from both a human rights and equality perspective. This differs from awareness training, which focuses on understanding disability as a health care issue.

Disability equality training is far more effective in helping organisations embed disability equality in all policies, procedures and practice. This goes toward realising equality for people with disabilities to participate fully as a member, or as a customer, of an organisation.

Why choose us?

As a national charity who delivers services for the disadvantaged, we have a great amount of experience and understanding of the barriers disabled people face and the ways of realising an inclusive society.

Our courses have been developed using our experience and consultation with people with disabilities and are delivered by experienced, professional trainers.

How long will it take?

Just one day.

What are the benefits?

Our equality training can help organisations appreciate the diverse identities of its employees and customers, which has the following benefits:

  • Higher quality of service to stakeholders
  • Expanded customer base
  • Increased pool of applicants for recruitment
  • More attractive and inclusive workplace
  • Legal compliance

For individual staff members, the course will help them:

  • Have a clear understanding of disability
  • Understand equality and social issues
  • Learn correct disability etiquette
  • Be more confident providing services to disabled customers

Tailored to suit you

Whether you want to address specific issues or focus on a particular aspect, our trainers will be able to help. We can deliver training sessions at your offices or at our Disability Action Centre (DAC) in Neath, South Wales. Every aspect of training can be tailored to fit your needs.

Talk to us, we'll guide you through the training and help match your needs.Get in touch

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